Scheduling A Surgical Procedure

Our hospital offers a wide range of surgical procedures.  Once you and your pet's doctor have determined that your pet needs surgery, please contact our office to schedule a date to perform the procedure.  In order to perform certain surgical procedures, your Veterinarian will likely utilize some form of anesthesia.  Neutering and spaying, for example, are procedures that would require general anesthesia.  Other procedures that require the use of general anesthesia might include sedating to groom, dentals and some animals might need to be sedated in order to treat them effectively and without causing undo stress to the animal.


Once you have scheduled your surgery, please take a few minutes to print out our Anesthetic & Surgical Agreement or Dental Procedure Agreement and fill in the requested information.  Bringing the completed form with you when you drop off your pet will save you and the attending technician time during drop-off the morning of the surgery. 


New clients are requested to please print and complete the New Patient Registration Form and bring it with you when you drop your pet off the morning of the scheduled procedure. 

Preparing For The Surgical Procedure

The day prior to your pet's surgery, we request that you hold off all food and water after 10:00pm.  This will help avoid gastrointestinal upset that may result from the use of certain drugs at the time of surgery.

Surgery drop offs are requested to arrive between 7:30am-8:30am the morning of the surgery.  Please make sure your pet is adequately restrained upon entering the hospital.  Leashes are available in the front office for those that need them.  A technician will go over your Anesthesia Release Form with you.  Please make sure and let the technician know of any special medications or needs your pet has at that time.  To avoid confusion, be specific as to why your pet is being presented.  Hospital staff should be informed if your pet was inadvertently fed or watered beyond the times previously suggested.  You may receive additional instructions at the time of your pet's admission.

Pre-Anesthetic Testing

If your pet is going to be placed under anesthesia, we strongly recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork. Anesthesia is extremely safe for healthy pets.  But, if your pet is not healthy (and sometimes it's hard to tell without testing), complications can occur both during and after the anesthetic procedure.  We can minimize potential risk when we know the health status of your pet before administering anesthesia.

The top 4 reasons to test your pet before anesthesia:

                   1.  You deserve peace of mind.  Testing can significantly reduce medical risk and ensure                       your pet's health and safety.

                    2.  Pets can't tell us when they don't feel well.  A healthy-appearing pet may be hiding                     symptoms of a disease or ailment.  For example, a pet can lose up to 75% of kidney function                       before showing any signs of illness.  Testing helps us evaluate the health of your pet's liver                           and kidneys, so we can avoid problems related to anesthesia.

                    3.  Testing can reduce risks.  If results of the pre-anesthetic panel are within normal                             ranges, we can proceed with confidence, knowing the anesthetic risk is minimized.  On the                         other hand, if results are not within the normal ranges, we alter the anesthetic procedure to                       safeguard your pet's health.

                    4.  Testing can help protect your pet's future health.  These tests provide baseline                           levels for your pet and become part of his or her medical chart for future reference.  

Pain Medication

Family Pet Center believes that after your pet has surgery post operative care is critical to ensure your pet's continued health and comfort.  As it is significantly easier to prevent pain, rather than eliminate it.  Your pet will receive pain medication in conjunction with surgery.  Post surgery medication will be sent home to ensure your pet's comfort.  

After Surgery

Most surgical procedures at Family Pet Center allow your pet to return home on the same day of their surgery.  A technician will advise you when you drop your pet off as to when your they can be picked up.


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